Welcome to Recycled Granite Houston

Here you’ll find 100% recycled

SOLID Granite split stone backsplash tiles and fire pits!

Welcome to Recycled Granite Houston! We are making Houston greener by diverting tons of scrap granite from landfills and using it to produce a variety of beautiful products.

Our split stone tiles will give your home a unique look that will last for decades. Stop by our showroom to see all the fabulous color blends and let us help you pick out one that will complement your home.

We offer Cash and Carry pricing and detailed installation instructions or we can do everything for you with a Turnkey Installation Package. We also carry cheese tray gift sets, cutting boards, wine bottle stoppers, and round, square and rectangular fire pits!

There’s nothing more durable or more breathtaking than the beauty of natural stone. Recycled Granite brings that beauty to you from all over the world in an eco-friendly way. Nowhere can you capture the variety and quality of solid granite fabricated into THIN veneer tiles and SOLID stone pavers.

Natural stone is the oldest, most durable building material known to mankind. By recycling granite we are resizing the material into user-friendly dimensions that are more efficient and economical to transport and install. Our recycled split stone tiles are split THIN allowing twice the coverage of traditional tiles, greatly reducing environmental impact. Our recycled granite pavers are 3 times stronger than concrete pavers and will NEVER fade or wear.

You can feel safe using natural stone since it doesn't emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Plus, all of our products are created using 100% scrap from the countertop fabrication industry. These "green" products are the only 100% recycled stone tiles and pavers on the market. We'd like to thank you for considering the use of recycled materials.

Watch how it’s done!

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